Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware of the systematic distress that have occurred in Charlotte NC. Another unarmed victim became a casualty to the hands of a police officer. This is happening far too often. The names of black men/women are becoming hashtags in an uneasy trend.

Some of the youth have been effected by the current events going on in the city. We encourage you to be change agents, using your voice for peace! Always promote peace and equality, even when situations aren’t always fair. Change occurs when we are willing to face the situation. Usually the circumstance is there to grow you. In order to get to where we desire to be, we must be open to going through the part that is uncomfortable.

Please know that Free2Fly, Inc. is a place where we invite the youth to freely express themselves, because we believe the voice of the youth is important and valid! We stand with you all during this time of change and together we will face the challenges ahead. We are confident that there is a rainbow after the rain. Be encouraged and know that Free2Fly, Inc. will continue to hold programs that provide a platform for creative expression and ways our youth can process different challenges. Thank you for your continued support. Peace & Blessings