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THANK YOU 2015…HELLO 2016! | Free2Fly

What an awesome year this has been! Free2Fly, Inc. gained its 501©(3) approval status in September of 2015! We are still ecstatic to see this idea actualized. This concept had been my brainchild for over five years. Once I decided to commit to the vision, and follow through with the plan, the birth of this organization came to life! This is the same process it takes to get anything accomplished in life, which relates to the mission for Free2Fly, Inc. We aim to provide young ladies with opportunities to explore and express themselves in a nurturing environment so they can set goals and actualize their dreams. Obstacles may come to deter you from that idea that has been engraved in the heart, however, with the support of others that have your best interest in mind, as well as God on your side, anything can be accomplished.

In October, we held our first gathering with a few middle school age children for Halloween. We were able to pick their brains about some of the issues they deal with on a day to day basis, as well as allow them to have a little fun trick-o-treating. This is what you call a win-win situation. I already knew the children of this generation were highly intelligent and they were able to voice the aspirations for their lives. Another reality for this generation is that they are technologically advanced. With the advancement of technology and so much exposure, it has also introduced them to a world of DRAMA. Our discussion revealed that they are constantly being stimulated on their tablets, cell phones or televisions with programming that isn’t always conducive to eliminating negativity that seems to bombard them on a daily. Even though all of the feedback wasn’t negative, they were excited to share their ideal careers as well as the activities they would love to experience in the future. With the feedback received during this brainstorming session, it provided some great ideas we will consider moving into the New Year.

We were also able to put together a program in November focused on one of our five values: Engagement. Free2Fly, Inc. partnered with The Homeless Street Store of Charlotte; a program that offers clothing for free to the homeless in the Mecklenburg County area. It was such a great opportunity for the girls to take part in this community service project. They were able to walk away with a greater sense of gratitude for their home situation, as well as, feeling great about being able to help someone less fortunate.

Free2Fly, Inc. has gotten off to a great start! During the month of December we have decided to continue the momentum and take some time to plan for 2016! As we wrap up this year, we would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday and a prosperous New Year! We are looking forward to this journey and soaring to new heights in 2016!

Peace & Blessings,

Camik McNeill