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One of the things we never hear growing up, is that this life’s journey will be easy! However, getting comfortable in our skin makes the road with all its bumps, hills and valleys a little easier to grow through 😉

If you are living, you will always have lessons to learn and situations that will assist you in the maturation process. Desired or not! So even if you are a budding young lady that is just reaching your teens or a fully blossomed woman in all your glory, we are constantly learning to UNAPOLOGETICALLY to be ourselves in all situations. We should all be able to relate to each other. That is why it is so important as young girls and women, we embrace our little sisters, or as we put it here at Free2Fly… our FlyGirls. Speaking for myself, I have gone through many challenges that could have used the wisdom of an elder/mentor. With the rapid changes of societal norms, there are areas I am sure I could use a young lady half my age to put me up on to some of the new trends. lol Not to exclude our men, we definitely love and need you! However, the bond amongst women is so powerful and needed to push the community forward.

This is why we need to get to a point of embracing one another and honoring the women brave enough to walk confidently in her authenticity. It is time for us to be completely and honestly who God created us to be… unapologetically.